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The Importance Of Comparing Cloud Hosting Providers

Two of the biggest advantages in both bare metal server hosting and cloud hosting providers are the flexibility and the scalability of packages from top providers. While some small business owners may assume that the cloud is only a requirement for a large website or eCommerce business with high traffic volume, this is really not […]

The Basics: A Beginner’s Guide To Web Hosting

Making the decision with regards to a web hosting service for your business is going to be a critical factor in handling traffic, providing the necessary storage and offering the global reach you will need. Selecting a web hosting service starts with considering several factors. A clear understanding of your immediate and future business needs […]

Trends In Cloud Docker Hosting

If you are using the cloud for any of your apps or services, or if you use virtual servers in your network, then you are probably already using Docker. The big advantage of Docker is the independent nature of the containers that allows them to be run from any server without any complications between the […]

How To Move WordPress Site To Another Host

Keep in mind that whatever your TTL setting is (1 Hour, 24 hours, 1 week, etc) anyone who made a DNS lookup within that amount of time before you make the change will still be viewing the old site until that amount of time expires, so make sure the old site is online at least […]

How To Setup An Easy And Cheap Newsletter Mail Setup

Many of you might have found MailChimp to be too expensive for your needs. So, here are some steps that you could try yourself, you’ll succeed but it can be difficult. Use Amazon SES to send emails, and it’s very cheap. Spend about $1 a month to send out around 10,000 emails. Write the code […]