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Leverage Rock-Solid VPS management with a Gen-Next Virtualizor Panel

Virtual private servers or machines have gained enormous popularity and industry deployment by virtue of virtualization technology or virtualized hypervisors. The Softaculous Virtualizor is a robust VPS control panel that supports various virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, Xen HVM, Linux KVM  more. What makes virtualization so powerful? Server virtualization has been the most important breakthrough in […]

Consider OnApp VPS for faster, easier & affordable KVM VPS services

Application servers need to host critical application loads in the cloud. OnApp makes it easy for clients to install, manage & update apps on the cloud, with an intuitive OnApp control panel as well as leverage rapid testing & development environments with just a few clicks. What is OnApp? OnApp is a remarkable cloud management […]

Basic Knowledge to Get You Started with VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers almost all the benefits of a dedicated server at a price that’s affordable to many. From hefty amounts of disk space and RAM to increased data transfer speeds, VPS packages are designed for the advanced web developer, looking to be provided with root access to a web server. VPS […]

KVM VPS Hosting High Speed performance With All the Advantages

Are you looking for a fast, reliable & high-quality KVM VPS hosting in town for your business? Internet hosting is on the verge of becoming an easier solution in the field of technologies, where we witness the advancements along with evolution with the Internet. Web developers within numerous amount of majority are embracing VPS hosting. […]

OpenVZ vs KVM – What is the best virtualization technology to use?

Virtualization Overview Virtualization has become the way to go when it comes to hosting having gained popularity over the last decade. The technological advancements have seen the barrier between operating systems and increased use of powerful physical servers almost removed. This has largely benefited businesses at all levels and many have made the switch to […]