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What Makes RedSwitches Unique In Cloud Hosting Providers

It is amazing the number of companies that offer hosting services for cloud-based applications. A simple search will find a range of different services from those designed for small business to those that are capable of running the most demanding types of applications and programs. At RedSwitches, we focus on all types of businesses. Our […]

The Difference In RedSwitches Docker Cloud Hosting

For a low-cost to develop, deploy and run a software program, app or a website, Docker tools offer an advantage over other options available to developers and businesses. At RedSwitches, we have been involved in Docker cloud hosting as a part of the services we offer our customers. Unlike some hosting services that are relatively […]

Comparing A Virtual And Bare Metal Server

At RedSwitches, we offer a range of server options and packages to suit our customers both large and small. By offering both virtual as well as bare metal server options, we provide the performance, features and the specifics needed to meet your requirements and still stay within the budget. One of the most common issues […]

Leverage Rock-Solid VPS management with a Gen-Next Virtualizor Panel

Virtual private servers or machines have gained enormous popularity and industry deployment by virtue of virtualization technology or virtualized hypervisors. The Softaculous Virtualizor is a robust VPS control panel that supports various virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, Xen HVM, Linux KVM¬† more. What makes virtualization so powerful? Server virtualization has been the most important breakthrough in […]

Consider OnApp VPS for faster, easier & affordable KVM VPS services

Application servers need to host critical application loads in the cloud. OnApp makes it easy for clients to install, manage & update apps on the cloud, with an intuitive OnApp control panel as well as leverage rapid testing & development environments with just a few clicks. What is OnApp? OnApp is a remarkable cloud management […]